About Us

Our founder had just started to produce pastry store in food sector and he was 13 years old while starting up. His status has changed thanks to hardworking, trustable and on a regular basis. He has always broadened his horizon and it caused to accomplish new succeed in business life.

He has converted the business from pastry manufacture to the raw material supplier thanks to biggest thoughts and plans. Then Bulvar Group has collobarated its power with Ulker Group. As Bulvar Group, its main purpose is that provide high quality raw materials to the biscuit, confectionary, chocolate and pastry manufacturer. Bulvar is trying to do its best to offer the order just in time with the vast product range.

As Bulvar Group, we believe that service sector is a craft for us. Moreover, we are always supporting and solving the customers' problem together. There is no any prohibition to offer the service thanks to our educated team in which has hardworking, reliable and expert skills. As Bulvar Group, we possess some main responsibility for the future of our country and we believe that to deal with entire of difficulties with our team members.

Our vision

 To be able to offer the high quality service performance and product without any faulty.

Bulvar is trying to offer the best and convenient prices compared to whole competitors while considering the customers' satisfaction.

Our Mission


"To encourage healthier firms/clients thanks toconnecting people to real food.'' In addition to that, Bulvar is trying to offer best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis."

Our Values

 Reliability: Reliability is the first thing to create a sustainable customer relation. Bulvar is aiming to create a valuable business without any faulty thanks to reliable business. 

o       Lead Time that is just in time: Bulvar has emphasized the lead time of the order from the launched date till nowadays. This plays a huge role among the satisfaction of clients/firms. For this reason, Bulvar is trying to do its best to more satisfy clients.

        Providing the high quality products:The product quality is one of the most prominent issue to complete the business process. Moreover, Bulvar believe that the high quality products will cause to create the high quality outputs from the clients' aspects.  

o        Professional Service: The roughly 40 employees of Bulvar is delivering the orders just in time thanks to professional team and vehicle fleet. They are always making the laugh face in the customer.