About Us

Our Founder Mustafa KAĞNICIOĞLU

Since the difficult conditions of village life did not provide an opportunity for education, he started his business life as a tailor's apprentice in the center of Konya in the early 1980s. His interest in bakery products, his journey that started with an apprenticeship at Akasya Patisserie, took over Konya Bulvar Patisserie in 1984 and became the first step for the development of tradesmanship and tradesmanship.

It continued to serve in Konya Bulvar Patisseries with three different branches until 1992. In this process, the difficulties experienced by the sector in the supply of raw materials passed to the second stage with the establishment of the wholesale trade of Bulvar Patisserie materials. Subsequently, our growing business has created new opportunities with the trust we give to the companies we are dealers. Buckwheat production in gluten-free product continues at full speed throughout Turkey, "Our project from seed to consumer".


Our journey, which started with a single person in 1980, has become a company that steers the sector with 55 employees, more than 350 suppliers, more than 5,000 customers, more than 6,000 different products, and agriculture on 7,000 m2 closed, 40,000 m2 open area, 8,000 decares of land. .

Procurement and distribution of patisserie materials in 1984,

2007 Bulvar Industrial Food raw materials,

2009 Out-of-Home Consumption channel,

Bulvar Tarım Seed breeding and development R&D projects in 2018,

Our 2020 Kitchen Express E-COMMERCE company,

We continue to work with the representation of Global companies in five different groups and our respected customer network, maintaining the excitement of the first day.