Powder Groups (Cocoa)

 Cocoa butter is the natural fat obtained during the processing of cocoa beans. It is obtained by grinding, pressing and cooling cocoa beans.Cocoa butter is used in various food products, especially in the production of chocolate, as well as in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Cocoa mass is the pulp obtained by grinding the cocoa beans after removing their shells.Cocoa mass contains the natural fat content of cocoa beans.The density and texture of this mass may differ depending on the product obtained.Cocoa mass is used in the production of chocolate. It undergoes various processes to provide flavor and aroma and is mixed with sugar, powdered milk or other ingredients to produce various types of chocolate.

Cocoa powder is the product obtained as a result of processing cocoa mass.After the cocoa butter is removed, the remaining solid part is grinded to obtain cocoa powder.Cocoa powder is often used in desserts, drinks, pastry and cakes.It has a bitter taste, so sweeteners are often added to products.Cocoa powder is used to give chocolate flavor and color to products.It may also contain nutrients such as antioxidants and certain minerals.These three components represent different outcomes of cocoa processing steps.While cocoa butter is a fatty component, cocoa mass has a dense and pasty texture.Cocoa powder is used in its ground and dried form.

Alcalized cocoa powder

Natural cocoa powder

Deodorized cocoa fat

Alcalized cocoa mass

Natural cocoa mass

Milk flake chocolate 

Bitter flake chocolate

Ivory coast flake chocolate